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  • "Four years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. As expected, I started using Synthroid to treat my symptoms. Every year, my condition would worsen so my doctor at that time kept increasing my doses. But I was still gaining weight, having trouble concentrating, sleeping, and even my hair became brittle. Fortunately, I found Dr. Valdes’ Clinic in Miami. When they started treating my Hashimoto’s I could feel improvements immediately. The doctor explained the process so well that I didn’t have any doubts. All my questions were answered. I lost around 20 pounds, became more energetic, started sleeping like a baby and — more importantly — I no longer use synthroid. I feel like me again, and that’s the most rewarding thing. Thanks Dr. Valdes and staff for all your help and guidance during this process."

  • "Compassionate, understanding, and encouragement have allowed me to reverse my diabetes."

  • "Since starting the program, I have lost a total of 55 lbs and I’m off ALL meds!"

  • "Dr. Ruben Valdes and staff are real professionals in this business. They explain in detail the cause of the disease and how they can help to reverse it. I was skeptical when I first visited the center but after receiving valuable information I knew with Dr. Valdes’s help I can reverse the disease. Today, after 6 months I am a new person physically and mentally. I have lost about 28 lbs. and I feel great. My sleeping is good and I have lots of energy every day. Learning how to change my eating habits is the key to my feeling great today. Thank you Dr. Valdes staff for all the great help. I am grateful for all you have done to make my life meaningful again."

  • "Yes! Yes! Yes! You spent plenty of time answering my questions and suggested many items for my cooking and where to get them. Thank you so much."

  • "Yea' you guys make me very happy. My blood sugar level has considerably decreased and some foot pain I used to have no longer exists. Dr. Valdes and staff always show professionalism."

  • "Integrity, Very High Quality Care and Surprising Results was my experience with Dr. Valdes."

  • "Through their direction I have learned to average my diabetes and have reversed my numbers down to my original numbers at the inception of the diabetic condition. I am seeing results and a healthier me every day."

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